by Morgan Massey

5 Signs You're a True Entrepeneur

Like most origin stories, the underdog takes the audience by surprise. A tale of fighting against the norm is what I love watching. Nowadays, the norm is striving to be an entrepreneur or just owning the title willy nilly. So it leaves a lot of us wondering... is this what we were born to do or are we simply following the crowd? How many of us are truly cut out for this rise and grind, constant problem solving, and a lot of times very lonely lifestyle?

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Here are 5 surefire ways of telling if entrepreneurship is in your DNA:

One. As a kid, you traded or sold products/services

This is a no brainer. Showing these traits as a kid means you naturally enjoy the entrepreneur hustle and psychology of the game. On the playground, I guarded the slide and required the other kids to gather wood chips for entry payment. How crazy of a kid was I? I mean common…

Fast forward 2 years to my 10 year old self - I started my Italian Soda Shop stand. I was strategic with my cost of goods sold. Firstly, I’d ask local coffee shops to add on some flavored syrup to their discounted batch orders. Then, I went to the grocery store to buy the cheapest club soda, brand name cream, ice, and cups. I did some easy math on the production cost, market value, and customer budget to decide on the price of $3.50 which even back in the early 2000s was a pretty penny.

If you’ve got a lemonade stand or flipping sneakers in your Entrepreneur Origin Story, then I guarantee it’s in your blood. ⠀⠀

Two. Working for other people makes you cringe & anytime you do it's a power struggle

Have you ever felt like a bad employee for wanting to make changes in the business? I felt guilty for a long time - wondering “Am I a bad worker?” And the answer was, “yes”, but that’s not a bad thing. Other entrepreneurs made me realize this was a natural symptom of who I am to my core.

Working for other people is like pulling teeth, and it’s not because I’m lazy.


Three. Selling feels like more of a hobby than a job because the process is your sport

The process is a mixture of talent, timing, and strategy. So just like preparing for a football game, adapting to the field is the heart pounding fun of it.

Waking up early on a Monday and eager to start the work day is a pretty big indicator of your core entrepreneurship power.

Four. Learning new ways of elevating your marketing skills gets you up in the morning

I cannot even begin to explain how many podcasts, Youtube videos, or books I’ve read on expanding my marketing and branding knowledge. Not complaining though. Finding new ways to storytell is a total blast.

At times, it can hinder my work output if I’m not careful. Learning what’s happening in the marketplace is definitely a guilty pleasure if you’re a true-blood.


Five. Hard work ethic means way more to you than luck

Most people will say “yes” to this. What it really means is knowing the market will speak. What you do with the data is in your hands which is empowering AF.



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